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These are the web sites and books I recommend for writers. Whether you’re a published novelist or a struggling ghostwriter, you’ll find helpful information and quite a bit of inspiration from the resources below. Or, if you prefer, they’re a great way to procrastinate doing the laundry.

The Business of Writing

  • Nathan Bransford’s Blog – Always witty and sometimes downright caustic, Bransford offers up tips, advice and observations from the perspective of a literary agent. He talks a lot about the book market in general, which is useful for determining the direction in which you should take your ghostwriting career.
  • Duotrope’s Digest – A successful writer is, above all else, organized. Use Duotrope to research writing markets and track submissions to agents, publishers and editors. This is an excellent resource if your copy of Writer’s Market isn’t handy.

Agent Blogs

Elbow-Rubbing for Writers

  • Armchair Interviews – Some of the most entertaining and illuminating interviews with authors that I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a visit every so often, especially if you’re looking for a reason to keep writing.
  • Writers FM – I believe this is the only web site of its kind: a radio station designed specifically for writers, and created by writers. Also some great interviews, not only with authors, but also with industry experts. Take a listen.

Writers’ Critiques

Writer’s Prompts

  • Writing Fix – They’ve got prompts for teachers, right-brainers, left-brainers, journal writers and more.
  • The Teacher’s Corner – The prompts here are a little bit juvenile because they are intended for students, but you can easily expand upon them for grown-up writing. All it takes is a seed!
  • Story Starter – My personal favorite: random and completely off the wall. It gets the job done.


Ghostwriting & Freelancing

  • Elance
  • Getafreelancer – Enter at your own risk. Leads aren’t nearly as reliable as with other freelance bidding sites.
  • Guru
  • Copyblogger – Brian Clark and his counterparts give excellent advice about everything having to do with copywriting. Read it. Daily.

Getting Published

Writing Mechanics

Writer’s References

  • Brainy Quote – Find quotes from all kinds of resources here, including famous authors and historians.
  • Translation – Translate from one language to another. Surprisingly accurate for short phrases.
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