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Will you ghostwrite my book?
Probably not. I gave up the ghostwriting gig a few months ago and I’m not exactly itching to get back in the saddle. However, if you e-mail me, I’ll take a look at your project and suggest another ghostwriter I trust. Or I’ll become so enamored with your project that I”ll insist I take it on myself.

What’s your obsession with horses all about?
You’ll find horses alluded to quite frequently on this web site, mostly because they are my second passion. I used to compete regularly in three-day eventing, but now I mostly ride for fun.

What if I disagree with one of your articles or blog posts?
Write your own! The great thing about the Internet is that you might find a ton of content with which you disagree, but you’re always free to publish your own information and ideas. Don’t have your own web site? Get a free blog at WordPress or Blogger. Seriously. Go. NOW. And stop bitching about how you don’t like what I have to say.

Have you finished your novel?
Now that’s a good question! Keeping asking it—and often. I’m working on it day by day, fitting new pieces into the puzzle as they spring from my consciousness on to the page. However, I’m nowhere near completion, so a kick in the pants every so often is well-deserved.

Can I read it when it’s finished?
Absolutely not. I’m not publishing any part of my novel online, nor will I disclose it to anyone until a publisher has purchased the rights, typeset the script and released it to book stores. Many authors are choosing the self-publishing route these days and sharing their fiction work for free. Not I. Never.

What, in your opinion, is the most annoying grammar mistake?
When people put an apostrophe + s to show plurals with a number, abbreviation or acronym. Even professional writers do this, and it drives me crazy because the apostrophe indicates possession.

EX: “I ran up the stairs by two’s.” Should be: “I ran up the stairs by twos.”
EX: “There were three CIT’s in the break room.” Should be: “There were three CITs in the break room.”


What is your political affiliation?
I live in Texas—what do you think? I’m a Republican, though I don’t consider myself a member of the “religious right” or any other unpleasant euphemism you’ve attributed to my chosen party. I’m also not comfortable with labels, and I don’t support every facet of the conservative agenda. Like, I’m against abortion and the death penalty. What?

What’s your religious affiliation?
I don’t have one. Seriously. I was raised Lutheran, and I enjoy going to church every once in a while, not because I feel closer to God, but because I feel safe in a sanctuary. Go figure. But I don’t consider myself a Lutheran, and I’m not sure I’m even comfortable with “Christian” (again, tossing your “religious right” jokes right out the window, aren’t I?)

What’s your favorite type of writing?
Suspense fiction. That’s what I hope to do for the rest of my career, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that shit happens. Maybe I’ll find myself writing product descriptions for the Avon catalog in ten years. God forbid.

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